Plug into the sun

Affordable solar installations in Central Coast

There’s no reason you should be paying so much for your electricity bill. Take advantage of the beautiful Central Coast sunshine and reduce both your bill and your environmental impact all at once.

Freedom Solar & Batteries makes solar power accessible to individuals and businesses of all sizes. It’s our goal to install solar power systems that are sustainable and perfectly optimised to your needs.
No two households, businesses or properties are exactly alike. That’s why Freedom Solar & Batteries comes to you for a consultation to see what kind of system would be appropriate first. We’ll do an honest, no-nonsense evaluation of your needs, budget and capabilities before designing a solar power system to check all the boxes.

But isn’t solar power expensive?

Not when there are financing options available. We allow you to finance your system for a price that won’t break your budget. With the cost savings from your reduced electrical bill, you can be cash positive from day one!

Stop daydreaming about getting a 50-75% reduction in your monthly power bill and take steps to make it a reality. The first step is calling Cameron from Freedom Solar & Batteries to talk about getting started.
Freedom Solar & Batteries designs, installs and maintains residential solar power systems for homes all around the Central Coast. Learn how solar solutions could impact your home.
Your business could be paying too much for electricity. Reduce expenses on your commercial propery with an efficient, cost-effective solar system from Freedom Solar & Batteries.
Source all your solar products from Freedom Solar & Batteries. We sell everything you need for new solar systems, as well as repairs, maintenance and expansions.