Solar panel maintenance in Central Coast


Experienced Solar System Maintenance

You have to take care of your solar power system if you want it to work efficiently for its whole lifetime. A frequent maintenance routine is essential to caring for your solar system properly. Freedom Solar & Batteries performs solar panel maintenance for homes and businesses around the Central Coast.

Maintaining Your System

The most relevant maintenance work for solar systems is cleaning the solar panels. Dirty panels absorb less of the sun’s rays, reducing efficiency.

A simple solution is to wash your solar panels once every few months. You can do this on your own or contact us to take care of it for you. Cleaning panels takes a careful touch and some attention to detail, so you don’t accidentally break anything.

Maintenance doesn’t stop with cleaning the panels. We recommend calling in a professional team for an inspection at least once per year to look for issues in your system before they grow any larger.
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System Inspections

There are a lot of intricate pieces involved in solar power systems. Everything from the panels themselves to the wired connections, battery packs and hardware needs to be inspected routinely to catch problems on time. We can help you perform full solar power system inspections, even on systems we didn’t install.

A full solar panel inspection investigates loose connections, underperforming panels, visible damage, corrosion, battery performance and much more. We’ll be happy to help you maintain the solar system installed at your home or business.
Solar Panel Metal Bracket — Solar & Batteries in Charmhaven, NSW

Repairs & Replacements

Sometimes during inspections, we come across broken parts or faulty equipment. In this case, we can assist with repairs whenever possible or replacements if no repairs can be done. We can source the parts and bring them along for simple or complex fixes.
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