Solar for Rentals Program in Central Coast


Solar Power

Solar power is currently sweeping the nation, with more than two million rooftop installations to date. However, Australian landlords have still not caught up—the vast majority of rental properties use entirely grid and gas power. Working with Solar Analytics, our team provides a solution to this issue. Through the Solar for Rentals program, we design and install full solar systems that are efficient, reliable and suited to landlords and tenants alike.

Why Choose Solar For Rentals?

Many people do not understand how much money can be saved with solar power. More than that, there’s confusion around how this incentive is split between the tenants and landlords. Through the Solar For Rentals program, Solar Analytics provides a simple and effective service that benefits everyone. Using a savings calculator, landlords are able to negotiate a fair rental increase on their property. Once the installation is completed and the new lease is signed, the tenants get the benefits of lower energy bills.
Solar Panel on the Roof 2 — Solar & Batteries in Charmhaven, NSW

Landlord benefits:

  1. Better tenants: The savings available through solar power will help attract and retain quality tenants who are more likely to stay long term.
  2. Investment: Solar power increases the value of your property and allows you to charge more for rent.
  3. Monitoring: Solar analytics will monitor your system and provide savings reports which can be used to advertise your property.
Solar Panel Metal Bracket — Solar & Batteries in Charmhaven, NSW

Tenant benefits:

  1. Energy savings: Solar power lets you enjoy lower energy bills that are sure to outweigh the small increase in your rent.
  2. Monitoring: Using the Solar Analytics app, you can track your energy use in real time and make small changes to save even more money.
  3. Carbon reduction: Have a positive effect on the environment without having to change your behaviour!
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