Residential solar in Central Coast


Home Solar Made Simple

If you’re looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint and monthly power bill without sacrificing your power usage, take a look at residential solar systems! Freedom Solar & Batteries provides all the services you need to make it happen, from system design to product sourcing, installation and even maintenance.

Custom Designs

At Freedom Solar & Batteries, we don’t do prefabricated systems. It’s our sincere belief that there’s no way a single system design can work for every household in NSW. Instead, we work with you to design a custom system that suits your household usage, family lifestyle and budget constraints.
Reynolds East Array — Solar & Batteries in Charmhaven, NSW

Residential Solar Installations

Wherever you are across the Central Coast, including Newcastle and the Hunter Valley, we’ll come to install your system. Call us from a remote off-grid home or an urban city dwelling and we’ll find a way to get you connected.

Every installer that works with Freedom Solar & Batteries is fully CEC accredited and insured for the work. We can install on-gird, off-grid or hybrid solar power systems at residential properties.
Residential Solar Central Coast — Solar & Batteries in Charmhaven, NSW

Affordable Home Solar Systems

Solar power is an investment that pays off. When you work with us, you get the option to pay through a financing plan. For around $70 a month (only $18 per week), you can pay off your system in your own time without stressing your finances too much upfront.

Solar power tends to pay for itself. By reducing your electrical bill each month, you can put that money towards paying off the solar power system. Once it’s paid for, all that money goes straight to your pocket!
Wimalasiri Western Array — Solar & Batteries in Charmhaven, NSW
Would you like to know how much you could save with solar?
We use models to create accurate estimations of just how much solar could be saving you each month.