Commercial solar in Central Coast


Bringing Sustainability to Your Business

It’s time to make a sustainable, eco-friendly choice for your business. Freedom Solar & Batteries designs, installs and maintains commercial solar systems for businesses across the Central Coast.

Designing Your System

We want to make sure you’re getting a solar power system that keeps you running at 100% all the time. That’s why our systems are custom made to fit your business power usage and normal operations.

We’ll evaluate your property and business, including inspecting and assessing your building and current power setup.

When we have enough data, we offer an estimation of how much money a solar system can save you each month. A custom-designed solar system allows you to continue business as usual while giving you significant long-term benefits.

Solar systems aren’t practical for all types of businesses and commercial properties, especially those with too high of a power draw. However, it’s worth looking into if solar power is a viable option for you. For most businesses, especially small businesses, solar is an excellent opportunity to save money and lower your environmental impact.
Lees Adams North Array — Solar & Batteries in Charmhaven, NSW

Solar System Financing

We understand that an investment into solar may not be in the budget right now. By financing the purchase with one of our available finance packages, you can let the new system pay for itself each month. For as little as $18 per week, you could pay off your solar power system over time without stressing the company finances.

Our goal is to bring solar power to as many homes and businesses as possible. That’s why we offer financing as an option for you. With affordable payment plans, you’ll get the solar power system you need to start saving money and reducing your carbon footprint right away.
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