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Freedom Solar & Batteries - Solar Installation Central Coast

At Freedom Solar & Batteries we are pasionate about the Positive Impact that Solar Power makes.

From the Greater Good that we are making to our Planet with the Reduction in Green House Gases & Reduced Reliance on Fossil Fuels to Generate our Electricity.
To the Positive impact we can make on Electricity Cost’s for Families & Business all over East Coast of NSW.
I see Household Power Bill’s that make me wonder how a Family could afford it. Yet, from just the Cost of a Cup of Coffee a Day, we can substantially reduce these Bill’s by significant amounts each quarter. Can you imagine being able to reduce your Power Bill by 50%, what about 75%.
We can Design & Install your Solar System, using only Fully Licenced, Insured & CEC Accreditted Installers. They have Accreditation for On-Grid, Off-Grid & Hybrid Solar Systems.
Quality Components are Used Throughout the Process so that you have a System that will Perform as Designed for many years, giving you peace of mind.

Call us for all your Residential Solar needs on  0412 534 880

Residential Solar Power

We can Design & Install your Solar System, using only Fully Licenced, Insured & CEC Accreditted Installers.

They have Accreditation for On-Grid, Off-Grid & Hybrid Solar Systems.
Did you know that from the Cost of a Cup of Coffee per day, you could have Solar Power.
Ask us to find out how

Brands we work for

So, I was at my desk yesterday when my Sweetheart Wife brought the Mail in. She found a Flyer for a National Solar Company & dropped it onto my desk, knowing that I like to see these, so I can keep up with what other companies are up to.

So I was having a read of it whilst drinking the Coffee that she most generously put on my desk as well & of course I was straight to the fine print, something for which I need to thank our local optometrist for being able to do more easily these days.

The Main Punch of the Promotion was "48 Months Interest Free" on all Installations including Solar PV, Hot Water & Batteries. You may have got one as well. I wont name them, but they have quite a reputable name in the industry & are national.

Can I make a suggestion, "READ THE FINE PRINT".

Here's a small exert, "Minimum Monthly Payments Required" (No S*&$t Sherlock), The Kicker is, " Paying only the minimum monthly repayment WILL NOT PAY OUT THE PURCHASE WITHIN THE INTEREST FREE PERIOD", & the salt for the wound is, "Any Balance at the expiry of the interest free period will be charged Interest at the standard annual percentage rate, CURRENTLY 19.9%".

WOW, we have a 48 Month Interest Free Finance product as well, but at the end of 48 months, your balance is ZERO. No more to pay. In fact, you can choose a term to suit you from 12 up to 60 Months, even with No Penalties for paying out early.

Now this other Finance offer from this national retailer is verging on False Advertising, I know they'll say that they are simply stating the Interest Free Period & not the actual Loan Term, but they really are drawing a long bow with this.
It is "Misleading Advertising" plain and simple.


Once you sign up to these things, it's very hard to get out of them with your shirt on.
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Well, Finally someones has done it. A New Energy Company has come to the Australian Market with their "No Bullshit" Approach to Energy Plans.

No Lock in Contracts
No Exit Fee's
No Pay on Time Discounts, Yes, you Heard Right. No Discounts.
Just Great Rates for your Electricity. No Need for the Nonsense Discounts.

Check out the Link.

At Freedom Solar & Batteries, we are very Proud to announce that we have entered into a "Co-Branding" relationship with "Energy Locals".

As an Introductory Offer for Freedom Solar & Batteries Customers, Energy Locals will Install your new Solar Meter for Free.

You can Click on the Link here or Go to our Website at & click the Link from there to check out Electricity Prices that I don't think you will have seen for Years, Great Feed in Tariff for Solar Customers too.

You can do it all "Online" or Request a Callback from Energy Locals, they will do all the work for you so you don't need to have that Awkward "It's not you, It's Me"(sick of being ripped-off) conversation with your Current Supplier.
Give it a Crack.
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We've had an Idea.

When I visit potential Solar Clients, we of course, look through their Power Bills. It goes Hand in Hand with the Solar conversation doesn't it.

I see a lot of different Plans & Offers. One thing that is very common, is "Pay on Time Discounts". When I look at the rates though, I find that the rates that they are charging per kW/h are quite inflated, in fact VERY inflated. They give you a HUGE Pay on Time Discount & then you get back to a Bill that you think is a good deal.
That's exactly what the Electricity Companies want you to think. So tell me, since when was a $750 Power Bill a good deal for a Family. when only a few short years ago, the same consumption was $450.

What if there was a Company that just charges you the real rate for your Power?

What if they were Transparent in the way they calculated there Bills?

What if they gave a large portion of the Profit to Charities?

What if you actually knew what their Profit is on your account?

What about if they would Team up with with a Small Solar business like us to "Co-Brand" with us?????????

I can feel an Announcement coming on.

Watch this space.
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It's that time of year again, yep, when all the Big Solar Retailers roll out the "REBATES ABOUT TO END" Rubbish. If you have a Solar Company trying to put the Hard Sell onto you because the Rebates are about to end, tell them to get out of your house (or Off the Phone. you get the picture).

The Rebates are "Reducing", "Slightly", they are not ending.
They are reducing by 1/15th of there original value on Jan 1st each year until 2030. Effectively, the amount of STC's we Create reduces each year until 2030, when the Scheme ends.
So there will be a slight reduction in the Rebate amount.

So what I'll do is this, for anyone that locks in their Solar Installation before the end of this year, I'll lock in your rebate, even if we install next year. I'll cop the reduction & not pass it on to you.

Sound Fair to you, hit the "Call Now" button to talk Directly with me about how we can help take the strain out of Paying for Power. Plug into the SUN.
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We Installed this little Beauty this week.

The Customer already had a 5kW Solar PV System on his roof but had plenty of Surplus going back to the Grid. He said that he didn't like sending all that Power back to the grid, especially so, since his Family gets home at night & they have to buy their Electricity to run the home.

Now they get to store the Electricity in their new BYD Battery.

This is a great option, because it can Grow with you. We can start with just 1 x 2.5kW/h Battery Cell. As we need to expand, we can fit 3 More Cells into this Box making it a 10kW/h Battery.

On this occasion we started with 2 Cells (5kW/h). So we can add another 2 Cells at a Later date if needed. This give this family great flexibilty for the Future & gives them Maximum Utilisation of the Solar Energy they are producing during the Day.

We used the Goodwe Hybrid Battery Inverter to "AC Couple" the System into the Household Meter box.

This one sits under the house & will be Cool as a Cucumber giving a great result for this Family.

If this sparks your interest, hit the Call Now Button to talk to me directly.
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Solar Finance.
I just want to talk a moment about Financing your Solar Power Installation for your Home or Business.

Now, I must preface this by saying, That I am "Not" a Financial Adviser", & therefor "Cannot" give Financial Advice. There, that's out of the way. If you want financial advice, I can refer you to some of the best in the business.
What I do when a customer wants to talk finance is simply hand you over to the appropriate Finance Company, they are the one's that can give you the advice & process your applications.

I, of course, do give plenty of advice about Solar Power & some of our customers do want to use Finance Products to help fund the Installations.

So, having various Finance partners, that work in the Solar Energy space is quite important for us as a Business.
We are now accredited with 3 Different Companies that fulfil 3 different Finance Products that pretty much cover most of the needs in the Market Place.
That being,
1/ Commercial Leasing
2/ Interest bearing loans
3/ Interest Free finance.
All 3 have some fantastic benefits for 3 different reasons.

For Commercial customers that require a Commercial Lease, we work with "Flexi-Commercial", one of the Biggest groups around. They have very flexible terms up 7 years & being a Lease, there is a (very,very small) Balloon payment at the end. These guys have a huge amount of experience in the Commercial Space & finance some of the Large systems that you might see in your travels. They will also finance a small system for your small business & have an a great Solar Calculator to give you an idea of your repayments & energy savings on any size/cost system. This is a great tool to help identify if Solar Power would make a great investment for you & your business.

For your straight out Solar loan, with interest, we have Aligned with "Classic Finance Group". Easy application process & within minutes you can have your approval through using the Classic Finance Portal. These guys have competitive rates & are a leader in this field.

For your "Interest Free" Finance we have partnered with "Brighte Finance". They have a very easy to use Portal & for finance under $12K you can have an answer back in 90 seconds. That's pretty fast. Again, the cost of the Finance is very competitive & like the other 2, once you are a customer, your always a customer, with future finance applications being more streamlined.
I was always a bit sceptical about the "No Interest Ever" deals, but now I have a much better understanding of it's workings, I now understand why some people find it so attractive.

The one big thing with Financing anything, whether it's Solar, a new Car or new Carpet, have an open mind, but make sure you completely understand what you are signing up for & how exactly does it work. If you can understand how the finance company is able to make it's money (because, of course, they have to be making money, or there is no finance company) then you can comfortably use Finance to your advantage & Install your Solar Power (or new car or carpet) & reap the huge benefits of reducing your Electricity Cost's.
At the moment the cost of electricity is increasing every year at a much higher rate than finance interest, just saying.

All of these companies have Flexible Terms from 6 up to 60 & even up 84 months, giving you savings in your pocket from the very next power bill.

You can give me a call, shoot me an email or PM me to talk further about how any of the options might be able to help you get your Solar installed quicker.

Cheers, Cameron.
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Power Bill just come in??????

Really, these Power Companies are just ripping it out of us year after year.
Last year it was a 20% increase, this year it's another 20% increase, compounded on top of last years increase, that's 44% in a 12 Month period, do you think they will stop? The predictions are scary for the next few years.

Are you just going to sit and take it, year after year.

It does make it tough though to actually find that money to put aside to invest in Solar Power.
You know that it's the best solution & it will make a huge difference to your budget & it's also going to add value to your home, but you just can't seem to put enough money aside to do it.

We do have a solution. Solar Finance is making it possible for thousands of Australians to give the Power Companies that Single Finger Solute that they've been dreaming.

From around $2 a day, you can have Solar Power Installed to your home. You have a Fixed Repayment Plan, so you can fix that budget & remove that obstacle.

You can Direct Message your Details to me or just Give me a Call.

Have you had enough????? Call now.

Cheers, Cameron.
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Hey, we installed our first CatchPower Green for one of our Customers yesterday. If you haven't heard of it, then you might not be alone.
This is a fantastic Innovation from an Australian Company based in Glen Innes, NSW.

What is does, is Divert your Surplus Solar Power to your Electric Hot Water tank, before it goes to the Grid.

You get your Hot Water for Free, well nearly free. It will cover up to 95% of your Hot Water Costs.

It works with Off-Peak Hot Water as well.
The typical Off-Peak Hot Water bill seems to be around $80-$110 per quarter. This can represent a Further Saving of up to $400 per Year on Top of your Current Savings you already get from your Solar Panels.

Most people are paying 10-11cents for their Off-Peak Hot water. Also, only receiving 6cents per kW/H Feed in Tarrif. So you can see that on balance, there is a benefit to put that Excess Energy to good use, rather than just send it back up the line.

This doesn't stop your Off-Peak switching on, it means though, when it does switch on, the water is already Hot, so it achieves the Thermostat Cut-off very quickly. It may only heat for 15mins or half an hour, not 3-4 hrs as it does now.

It has some Over ride features to make sure you never run out of Hot Water.

Then there is the Catch Power Blue, I'll tell you about that tomorrow. If you can't wait, send me a message or Give me a call.
Cheers, Cameron.
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