About Us

At Freedom Solar & Batteries we are pasionate about the Positive Impact that Solar Power makes.
From the Greater Good that we are making to our Planet with the Reduction in Green House Gases & Reduced Reliance on Fossil Fuels to Generate our Electricity.
To the Positive impact we can make on Electricity Cost’s for Families & Business all over East Coast of NSW.
I see Household Power Bill’s that make me wonder how a Family could afford it. Yet, from just the Cost of a Cup of Coffee a Day, we can substantially reduce these Bill’s by significant amounts each quarter. Can you imagine being able to reduce your Power Bill by 50%, what about 75%.
We can Design & Install your Solar System, using only Fully Licenced, Insured & CEC Accreditted Installers. They have Accreditation for On-Grid, Off-Grid & Hybrid Solar Systems.
Quality Components are Used Throughout the Process so that you have a System that will Perform as Designed for many years, giving you peace of mind.